Here is what some of our clients had to say!

I dealt with Andrea from the Helpline team in Sudbury. She was GREAT! She assisted with the ordering process and helped me set up the account for my Dad, easily and efficiently.

This Helpline has provided our family with peace of mind in knowing that my Dad has the ability to reach out for assistance 24/7.

The monitoring system was easy to install and test and I know this has given my Dad a feeling of increased security. It is making it possible for Dad to stay in his own home!

Thank you Helpline and Andrea! I highly recommend this is a wonderful service!

- Daughter of Client

My sister has early stage vascular dementia and lives on her own.  Care link Advantage and Help Line have been a tremendous help in assisting me as my sister’s POA, with suggestions as to how we can keep her safe in her own apartment. Bill from home BUTTONS a company located in Meaford, Ontario came to install a monitor in my sister’s apartment and he was extremely courteous and respectful when talking with my sister and telling her how the system worked.  In today’s aging population, it is definitely a comfort to know there is Care Link Advantage and Help Line and home BUTTONS available to provide professional, caring assistance to families. Thank you so much for your assistance!

- POA and Sister of a Client

I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind you have provided me. This was a huge step for my mom, relinquishing any little bit of independence is so difficult for any senior but your demeanour, delivery, the way you spoke to her made it very comfortable for her, almost transitional.

- Daughter of Client

Thank you Helpline for your service the past few years. It works – saved my Mom’s life a few times!

- Daughter of Client

Although I will rarely admit it, the truth is that I am aging and have found it necessary, after a fall, to ensure that I have assistance available in an emergency. Although I am not really concerned for myself, my daughters are wanting to ensure that I will not place them in a position of receiving a call from the RCMP who, after doing a wellness check, come to the door to notify them of my demise. (Yes, this actually happened with another person.)

The past year has seen a substantial change in my overall health and I had already applied for senior’s assisted living and am wait listed at this time. Both residences I favour have their own internal monitoring, but I still reside in my own apartment. I require a reliable service that will reach out to me in an emergency. Given a potential move into a closed care system I had no desire to be locked into a contract for specific terms that vary with the plan being considered. Researching found that the contract would have to be paid out at any point it is broken, no longer required or by death. Yikes, all this to get a better rate? Not worth it!

I spent days searching for information on alternatives, and there were problems from the beginning. Companies did not return calls promptly or simply wanted to send brochures. Really, I wanted somebody who cared to take the time to discuss options. I found just such an interface with “Helpline: 24 Hour Personal Medical Alarm” [HMA], The HMA staff were fantastic. They answered questions and provided all the detail I required. The biggest, and MOST IMPORTANT detail is that their services do not have to be restricted to MY HOME ALONE. They can be functional anywhere there is cellular phone coverage.

WOW! I do not have to worry about personal security even while away from home. I decided on a device that had GPS locator functions as well as a fall indicator. I am covered for assistance wherever I am and, should I be unconscious, they have my personal information and location so thay can direct assistance to me if I am unable to respond,

This has given me a broader access to a normal life during a transitional phase, There have been a number of instances where the service has been used and response times are speedy and thorough. I no longer have any concerns regarding my safety and health on a continuing basis. The lengthy web search was worth my time, and I can assure you that HMA will go above and beyond your expectations to provide you with the service you need. Remember, bigger is not always better.

Give them a call.

- Client

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