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Home and On-the-Go System

Home and On-the-Go System

Our Helpline Home and On-the-Go System provides immediate assistance while at home or out and about. As this system communicates through the cellular network, no home phone is required, providing you and your family, protection and peace of mind across Canada.

By pressing your pendant (or built in fall detection), communicate via 2-way voice by speaking into the button with our trained monitoring station dispatchers 24/7 while at the same time your GPS location is being identified. Once emergency services have been dispatched will call your responding parties to make them aware help is on the way.

Home and On-the-Go System

Our standard Home & On-The-Go System comes with one button, worn around the neck as a pendant, and it’s own charging station. 

  • Canada Wide Mobile 24/7 monitoring
  • No home phone line required
  • 3G Cellular connectivity
  • Optional automatic fall detection with on-board sensors and cloud-based fall detection analysis *The automatic fall detection will not detect all falls wherever possible subscribers should always press the button to place a call for assistance.
  • Instructive voice prompts and hands-free 2-way voice communication with the Emergency Response Centre
  • Durable and shatter-resistant from 6.5 feet
  • Highly water-resistant; designed to be worn in the shower or bath
  • 36-hour battery life with low battery detection alert 
  • Device operates on the Roger’s cellular network and requires that the device be in an area with Rogers Network coverage. As with all GPS location services, determination of location may not be possible, Multi-level buildings and other obstructions reduce the accuracy of exact location by GPS satellites

System Purchase

One-time investment of



Monthly Monitoring

Starting at


*No long-term contract or cancellation fees.
One-time shipping & activation fee of $45

Everthere Family Notifications

Paired with the Home and On-the-Go System, the Everthere Family Notifications can alert you via text or email in the event a button has been activated or other alert detected.

From the Everthere dashboard…

  • Invite other family members to receive notifications
  • Customize the alerts you wish to receive
  • Receive alerts via text, email or both

Key Lock Box

Worried about your door being broken down by Emergency Services? The purchase of a lock box may prevent a forced entry into your home.

We recommend one for all installations.

Key Lock Box

  • Heavy duty
  • Can be attached to door or secured railing
  • Easy to use

Medical Information

This pouch has your emergency contact information, name, address, medications and other information that would be vital for emergency personal in a moment of crisis.

Medical Information

• Be sure to ask for one when you contact us.

Here’s how our Home and On-the-Go System Works

Step One
Press Mobile Help Button

By pressing your Personal Mobile Helpline button (or using optional auto fall detection), voice prompts and audible beeps reassure you that a connection is being established to our Emergency Response Dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step Two
Communicate with an
Emergency Response Dispatcher

Our trained and certified Emergency Response Dispatchers 24/7 will attempt to speak to you through the Home and On-the-Go button. In the event you are unable to speak to our Emergency Dispatchers through the button, emergency services will be dispatched to the GPS location provided by the button.

Step Three
Help is on the Way!

Our emergency dispatcher communicates with you to determine what kind of assistance is best for you and your situation. Emergency services can be dispatched to your location/GPS location or if you prefer we can contact a family member or friend. Rest assured, if you are unable to respond, our dispatchers will dispatch ambulance to your GPS location to safeguard your health and wellbeing.

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