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GPS Tracker

GPS Watch Locator System

Our lockable, Helpline GPS Locator watch with Geo-fence capability is the solution. Using the Rogers cellular network, this device will operate wherever there is cell coverage. To ensure you are alerted when a potential wandering situation has arisen, customize your geo-fence(s) and then if your loved-one steps outside these “safe zones” be alerted via text or email.

Using your smartphone or web based browser, track your loved one’s whereabouts, anytime, anywhere using the mobile app or web-based dashboard when connected to the internet. With an optional integrated SOS button for your loved one to signal you it will provide you and your loved-one with peace of mind, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

GPS Watch Locator System

Our standard Helpline GPS Watch Locator comes with lockable GPS Watch, charging cable, unlocking tool and access to the mobile site for tracking anywhere there is an internet connection. 

  • Looks and fits like a wrist watch, with lockable clasp
  • Receive text or email notifications when the watch enters or exits the user-defined geo-fence region when an individual enters or exits a user-defined region
  • SOS button automatically sends an alert when pressed and initiates a two-way voice call
  • Battery life is approximately 30-48 hours based on usage and “tracking mode” selected
  • Device operates on the Roger’s cellular network and requires that the device be in an area with Rogers Network coverage. As with all GPS location services, determination of location may not be possible, Multi-level buildings and other obstructions reduce the accuracy of exact location by GPS satellites.

System Purchase

One-time investment of



Monthly Monitoring


*No long-term contract or cancellation fees.
One-time shipping & activation fee of $45.

Key Lock Box

Worried about your door being broken down by Emergency Services? The purchase of a lock box may prevent a forced entry into your home.

We recommend one for all installations.

Key Lock Box

  • Heavy duty
  • Can be attached to door or secured railing
  • Easy to use

Information Pouch

This pouch has your emergency contact information, name, address, medications and other information that would be vital for emergency personal in a moment of crisis..

Medical Information

  • Be sure to ask for one when you contact us.

Here’s how our GPS Tracker Works

Step One
Set-up your Personal Profile
& Geo-fence(s)

Log on to the GPS Watch dashboard and set-up your profile, notifications to be received and geo-fence(s) to ensure your loved-one is protected when they are outside.

Step Two
Charging & Wearing of
GPS Watch

To ensure your loved one is protected at all times, it’s important to ensure the GPS Watch device is fully charged and when on your loved-one’s arm that it’s locked securely. We recommend charging the device daily.

Step Three
Tracking your Loved One

When your loved one exits the Geo-Fence, simply log on to the GPS Watch dashboard anywhere there is internet (mobile app available) and immediately start tracking their whereabouts. Rest assured when the person enters the geo-fence you will also receive an alert of this.

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