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At Home System

At Home System

The Helpline At Home system is ideal for seniors or at risk individuals who are looking for security when at home when connected to a home phone line. Professionally monitored 24/7 by the Helpline Emergency Response center, it allows you to maintain independence should an incident occur in your home. Multiple button options are available including auto fall detection.

Simply press either the button you wear or the integrated panel “Help” button and you will seamlessly connect via 2-way voice with our 24/7 emergency services dispatch. To ensure your family/friends/caregivers are aware will always call your responding parties to let them know we have sent help for you.

At Home System

Our standard Helpline At Home System comes with Helpline panel and one button, which can be worn as a wrist watch or as a neck pendant and monthly monitoring.

  • Connects to your existing landline phone
  • At the press of a button connect via 2-way voice with our 24/7 monitoring station
  • Fall Detection pendant button available
  • Back-up battery for continued operation when the power is out, providing landline is operational during a power outage
  • Water resistant: wear it in the bath or shower
  • Program in additional buttons or other safety accessories
  • Lightweight button (<.50oz)
  • Wireless

Monthly System

Starting at


No long-term contract or cancellation fees.
Multiple installation options to meet your needs; professional, pick-up or ship.

Detection Pendant

Paired with our Helpline At Home System, this lightweight fall detection pendant, which is worn around the neck, will detect most falls and summon help when you are unable to press the button.*

*The automatic fall detection pendant will not detect all falls; wherever possible subscribers should always press the button to place a call for assistance.

Auto-Fall           Detection Pendant

  • Water resistant and can be worn in the bath or shower
  • Adjustable pendant cord

*The automatic fall detection pendant will not detect all falls; wherever possible subscribers should always press the button to place a call for assistance.

Key Lock Box

Worried about your door being broken down by Emergency Services? The purchase of a lock box may prevent a forced entry into your home.

We recommend one for all installations.

Key Lock Box

  • Heavy duty
  • Can be attached to door or secured railing
  • Easy to use

Table Top Help

Designed for use with our At Home System this large, stationary button, can be wall mounted or placed on a table strategically throughout the home for added safety.

  • Large and easy to find
  • Can be wall mounted or placed on a table
  • Excellent for bathroom floors or night stand


Smoke Detector or Carbon
Monoxide Detector

For pairing with our At Home System, when our monitored wireless smoke or carbon monoxide detect heat, smoke or CO gas it will sound an alarm and report to our monitoring station (rented separately)

  • Works with your At Home System
  • Alerts Helpline's Emergency Response Centre who will contact Fire Services
  • Smoke Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Wireless

Medical Information

This pouch has your emergency contact information, name, address, medications and other information that would be vital for emergency personnel in a moment of crisis.


  • Be sure to ask for one when you contact us.

Here’s how our At Home System Works

Step One
Press Medical Alert Button

By pressing your Personal Helpline button, voice prompts and audible beeps reassure you that a connection is being established to our Emergency Response Dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step Two
Communicate with an
Emergency Response Dispatcher

Our trained and certified Emergency Response Dispatchers 24/7 will attempt to speak to you through the At Home base station. In the event you are unable to speak to our Emergency Dispatchers. Emergency services will be dispatched to your location.

Step Three
Help is on the Way!

Our emergency dispatcher communicates with you to determine what kind of assistance is best for you and your situation. Emergency services can be dispatched to your location or if you prefer we can contact a family member or friend. Rest assured, if you are unable to respond, our dispatchers will dispatch ambulance to your location to safeguard your health and well-being.

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