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Anyone can subscribe to Helpline!

Most of our clients are:

  • The frail older adult.
  • Couples who fear for each other's safety.
  • Women/men living alone.
  • Those who have poor mobility or difficulty with daily tasks.
  • Individuals at medical or social risk.
  • The patient receiving treatment or recovering from a surgical procedure.
  • The person in a Senior's Residence who wants the added protection of a portable button to call the nurse for help.
  • The victim of an accident.
  • The caregiver of a loved one with.
    • Diabetes
    • A brain Injury.
    • MS.
    • Parkinsons.
    • Dementia.
    • Physical challenges (adaptive devices available).
  • Anyone who wants the "Peace of Mind" of knowing that help can be reached at the push of a button.