Helpline PERS Monitoring

The difference is monitoring

Our Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (U.L.C.) listed emergency dispatch station provides the personal connection between you, your Helpline PERS (Personal Emergency Response System), responding agencies such as the Paramedics and Fire Department, and your family and friends.

In an emergency, the station is there to aid you. With us you are not isolated or alone. The professionally trained dispatchers and computerized automation equipment enable dispatch station personnel to respond to emergency situations quickly and accurately. You receive the personal service you need in a crisis.

Currently 73% of our staff are bilingual (French/English) and through scheduling, 100% of the time French speaking people are available. We also subscribe to a translation service and are able to serve you in up to 150 different languages if required.

All staff are intensively trained and 100% of call takers are APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials) certified. Our four manager/supervisors have now been certified as Public Safety Telecommunicator 1, Instructor 6th edition. More information on these certifications can be found here.

In additon to handling medical emergencies, our staff also handles thousands of 911 calls every year. You can trust us to handle your calls quickly and efficiently.