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Helpline Watch
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The Helpline GPS Watch combines GPS tracking technology and geo-fencing capabilities with the option of an SOS button:

  • Geo-fencing - fixed and portable safe zones.
  • Lockable wrist strap.
  • Employes both RF (Radio Frequency) and GSM (Cellular) technology to communicate location data.*
  • Alerts sent when loved one goes beyond a specific area.
  • Email and SMS notifications.
  • Device operates on Rogers cellular network.*
  • Box contains Portable Receiver, Watch, charging station, unlocking tool and AC Charger.
GPS Watch Specifications
Dimensions (inches)1 3/8" x 1 3/8" x 1/2"
Weight< 0.5 lb.
Operating Time** RF ~20 days
~5 hours in live track mode on 10 minute update
Water ResistantSplash proof

*Device operates on the Roger's cellular network and requires that the device be in an area with Rogers Network coverage. As with all GPS location services, determination of location may not be possible. Multi-level buildings and other obstructions reduce the accuracy of exact location by GPS satellites.

**Recommended daily charging for 1 - 2 hours


A: 1 - 1/2 hour charging time - we recommend daily charging.
A: The GPS Watch is Water Resistant and Splash Proof, it should NOT be worn when swimming or bathing. Prolonged water contact should be avoided.

A: Your GPS Watch uses both RF and GSM technology to communicate position data.

- When within RF range of the Portable RF Receiver, which is kept by the caregiver, the watch is in proximity. The RF range is configurable on the Portable RF Receiver.

- Indoor ranges, typically - Low: 30 - 60ft; Medium: 60 - 90ft; High: 130 - 160ft.

- Outdoor ranges, typically - Low: 60 - 90ft; Medium: 130 - 160ft; High: 250 - 325ft.

(The Indoor and Outdoor ranges are an estimate and may vary because of obstructions like buildings; landscapes; etc.)

A: The transmitter component of the GPS Watch tracking system includes a portable receiver which notifies the caregiver of a wandering event through the use of GSM & GPS technologies. If an "At Risk" individual wearing a GPS Watch breaches the Safe-zone the portable receiver will sound an audible alert. An LCD display will then flash red indicating your loved one has wandered from the Geo-criteria you have set. Your GPS Watch will generate an e-mail alert and send an SMS (text message) with the time/date and location of the wandering event. When the GPS Watch is in proximity of the portable receiver (no breach of safe-zone) the GPS Watch and the portable receiver communicate via RF. No alerts are sent and live tracking is not possible. In 'RF Mode' the battery life of the GPS Watch is longer.

Other Troubleshooting Tips:

Battery is not charged

Adjust the time by following the instructions in the time section of the manual.

  • If sent by SMS check that the message has been sent from your mobile number.
  • GPS Watch has no GSM mobile phone coverage.
  • You are not set up to receive alerts on the portal... the GPS watch will reject your text.
  • GPS Watch is in proximity to the portable receiver/RF Mode.

  • You have fully utilized the monthly allowance of your subscription.
  • You are not set up to receive SMS alerts on the portal.
  • You are not set up as the alerts recipient on the portal.

  • GPS Watch is off the Rogers GSM cellular network for a long period of time, when in Alert Mode.
  • Check the mode and update rate (is it set for 2 minutes and therefore updating to frequently) when not in proximity of the portable receiver / RF Mode.
  • Check to ensure if the battery has been fully charged or placed on the charging station correctly.
  • Check to ensure the charging station is receiving power.